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Angry Open Letter to That Family Member Who Just Doesn’t Know How to Call Back

Dear Kuya I-Can-Be-A-Real-Sh*t-Sometimes,

Sometimes I like to Google you so I can browse your art and see your face. Reminds me how f*cking talented you are and what you still look like. For the fifteen minutes it takes me to browse your website and any Google images available, my chest swells with pride, my heart with nostalgia. Then I remember you still owe me a(n) f’ing call back from 2000-f*cking-9.

I wish you called back, even emailed once in a while. We’re getting older cousin, one of these days you’re bound to have that passing thought, “Maybe I should’ve done a better job trying to keep in touch with my family and not treated them like I couldn’t waste a dime making at least an annual call.” At best I get a call or an email a year from you, and that’s usually because you f*cked up and accidentally picked up my call, only to hastily rush me off the phone with phony promises you’ll call or email later.

I’m not sh*tting you. The older you get, the more frequent you’ll find that regretful thought smacking you on the forehead until you realize the full gravity of disregard’s consequences, but by then you’ll be 60 and everyone will have changed phone numbers, email addresses, and long since given up chasing you for a call, a hello, an email, some kind of acknowledgement that you did indeed, still gave a sh*t about them.

I know you. I know you’re a good guy, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you sure can be a real sh*t sometimes. Have you forgotten that I’m a  part of the family that isn’t looney tunes so I don’t deserve the shoddy I’m-better-than-you-treatment. Neither do my kids. They love you, miss you, and wonder if their uncle still remembers them. Quit being an *ss and let them know you do.

Look I just wish you knew how to call a b*tch back every now and then. Let me know you’re still alive, still working, still give a sh*t. I miss you, did I have to send you this email to get my point across? Lemme’ guess, you’re junking my emails now, too.

Love, your b*tchy but honest little cousin.

Note: ‘Kuya’ is how you respectfully address an older male cousin in the Filipino culture. By the way, to be honest, I could easily replace ‘Kuya’ with a few so-called-friends’ names. But since they’re not not blood I just drop them, no sense in wasting time there.

I’m the kind of  girl who believes in putting a real effort into any relationship I have, whether it be with relatives, friends, clients, or co-workers and I don’t look too fondly on people who act otherwise. I don’t put up with bull sh*t anymore, I did that for far too long in the past.

People, if you value any of the relationships you have, for God’s sake, take care of them, before it’s too late and you lose them.

  1. January 15, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

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