Maria’s Best Of

Based on your comments and the emails I receive here are my top rated posts. Enjoy folks!

The Business of Fixing Broken – As featured on KTVU’s, Frank Somerville’s FB page. 

Life Lessons My Dog Taught Me

This Ain’t No Hallmark Card, It’s a Rant but an Honest One

The Stories They Leave out of the Marriage Manual

Welcome to my World

What the !@#$%^&* is Going on Here?

A Private Room..For Dogs..To Do What?!?


Top 5 Lessons of Marriage

Dinner at my House

The Price We Pay


Adventures at Six Flags

Why Does it Look Like That?

What Will You Choose?

Pipe Dreams

How Can You Tell When Your Son is Going Through Puberty

Letter to my 17 Year Old Self

Sorry It’s Just Not Your Lucky Day

Strange Places I’ve Woken Up Drunk

Sick Notice – The Extended Director’s Cut

Definitely Not a Prince Charming

A Mother’s Declaration

Remember the Name

Top 5 “God Help Me” Parenting Moments

The Problem With Desire

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